The Vacation Friends

Children's camp
July 25th to August 13th


What are the vacation friends?

The ‘vacation friends’ is a Christian children’s camp which is offered during the summer break at: Campingplatz Fortuna in Binau .

This year it takes place from July 25th to August 13th 2021.
All children are invited to join the multiple attractive events every day.
Parents are also welcome to join all events. We meet up in the vacation friend’s tent.

The Attendance at all events is free of cost.

If you have any questions please contact the contact address located below.


Children’s program


We will introduce our entire team and let you know all about the exciting things we have planned for the week. At the end, you get to craft your own folder in which you will place all your crafts and papers that you collect throughout the week. This folder will belong to you.

Children’s meeting

You will learn new songs and hear exciting stories from the Bible.
We meet every day at 11:00am in the tent.

Games and Crafts

We always have lots of fun while doing crafts and playing games. Therefore, please wear old clothes that can get painted, sticky or wet. Depending on the weather, we have prepared different ball and group games. We have something for everyone!

Goodnight Story

When it’s possible, we make ourselves comfortable by the campfire and listen to a story.

Closing Evening on Friday

We invite all your parents and friends to the closing evening event. They will see and hear everything you have experienced throughout the week. You will get to participate in an awards presentation and listen to the last part of the Goodnight Story.

Event Organiser

We are a group of non-denominational Christians, who together would like to spend the week with you on the Camping place.
With various recreation opportunities, we would like to offer you creative fun and meaningful distraction during your vacation.

We are not advertising for any Church or special corporation and we deny all Sect ideology.

The Vacation Friends is offered as a private initiative working together with the Campingplatz Fortuna in Binau.
The staff comes together of their own free will from various backgrounds and qualifications and they desire to do this work during their free-time. Our goal is to convey Christian views and values to the children while, at the same time, having fun and doing lots of activities.